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Safeguarding Adults in Newcastle 2017

The Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board (NSAB) consultation on the NSAB Strategic Annual Plan 2017-2018 - please give us your views. Click on 'show more' to find out about this and get involved.

This is a chance for you to have your say about keeping adults at risk of abuse safe in Newcastle. The NSAB are currently developing their Strategic Annual Plan for 2017-2018. Here's a bit more about it: 

The plan sets out which areas of work are going to be a priority for the multi-agency partnership in the coming year. The board would like to hear your views on the sorts of things you think they should be concentrating on. Please complete our short online survey, or comment on the topic wall, to tell us what you think. 

Your feedback is important to us and will shape the 2017-2018 plan, which we will share with you here and on the Newcastle City Council website: If you have any questions, please contact James Steward at:

Here's a bit more about what safeguarding is:

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Newcastle Safeguarding Adults Board Consultation 2017-2018