Our equality priorities 2018

We want to set priorities for how we make sure we treat people fairly and equally, and we'd like your views on this. Here's a bit more about this:

As a public sector organisation, we have to publish our equality priorities , and refresh them every four years. We're doing this now and would like to hear what you think about what we suggest.

What we think our priorities should be

We think our equality priorities for 2018-2022 should be:

  • Improve the health and wellbeing of our communities
  • Improve education outcomes for vulnerable children
  • Support people in vulnerable groups to access employment opportunities
  • Work with communities to tackle hate crime and encourage people to report it
  • Develop an engaged workforce
  • Increase the diversity of our workforce

Please give us your views by taking part in our survey (below). If you have any questions about this or you need this information in a different format, such as large print, please contact Louise Crosby at: louise.crosby@newcastle.gov.uk.

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